Heritage Painting

We are experts in reproducing the exact paint finishes, colors and designs of Heritage Homes and Structures.

Heritage House Painting is different from Residential and Industrial Painting.

Our Painters take extreme care and safety precautions when painting Heritage Homes.

Heritage House Painting involves several steps before the painting can commence; such as the very careful removal of the old paint, and the installation of the safety equipment.

Our professional, and highly experienced, Noonan Painters, are highly trained in the delicate task of painting your Heritage Home effectively, and in the way it deserves.

Experts in Painting Heritage Homes and Structures

We are experts in reproducing the exact paint finishes, color and design of Heritage Homes and Structures.

It is a known fact that more than 80% of coating failures are due to a lack of proper surface preparation. We pride ourselves in our quality of work, and our ability to prepare surfaces for the perfect finish.

We use quality materials to fill minor and major cracks, as our team knows that the paint finish quality depends greatly on the quality of preparation.

If you are looking for Professional Residential Heritage Painters, then no one can serve you better than us. We conduct extensive research into the techniques, style, designs and material of the heritage structure, well before we begin.

We never compromise on the quality of paint and materials used for Heritage Painting and we will see to it that your Heritage Structure is restored to its original look; with long lasting, quality workmanship.

Noonan painters have worked on several heritage painting projects, and have greatly succeeded in regaining the original look of the structure.

No one knows the value of your Heritage Home or Structure like we do.

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