Can I Make My Kitchen Look Fresh & New Without Spending Too Much?

Are you looking to make your kitchen look and feel better on a budget?

With a professional to put on some well chosen paint colours in some well chosen places, it can be done!

There are a few very simple ways right here:

Fresh Wall Paint

Well chosen fresh paint on the kitchen walls make such a huge difference…

If you are looking to sell, you should look at a nice fresh white as it will make the space look fresh and clean, as well as looking and feeling more spacious. There are also many different light shades of white, grey or beige that will give that modern look.

If you want to refresh your kitchen for yourself then you should channel what makes you feel happy and want to be in that space, as we all know a welcoming kitchen leads to good food and good times.

Complimenting Colour Choice

The colour you choose to compliment the main wall colour can change the feel altogether..

You can discuss the complimenting colour choice with your professional or use colour swatches. It can make all the difference between modern, fun or the dated look we all try to avoid.

Paint Those Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Painting your kitchen cabinets is fidly but well worth having done as it makes it look as though you have updated your kitchen, without all of the cost… add new handles and wallah! It makes a huge difference in your Kitchen.

Add some plants, some chosen-for-colour appliances and your brand new kitchen will look a million dollars!!!

Did you know that your countertops can also be upgraded by paint?

You can even paint the floor tiles & fridge!!!!

Can I Make My Kitchen Look Fresh & New Without Spending Too Much?

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